Rome marathon

Anyone done the Rome marathon? Any comments/tips? Do you need  a medical certificate or is being affiliate to England Athletics enough? (I am struggling to understand the website)


  • It's a bit complex, but yes that's the bottom line, you need a Sports Doctors Certificate to run. I live there and have run it the last 3 years and it's no less complicated to enter if you're already here. A great race though, not a PB course, a few small hills, a big one at 27K, and lots of turns but it takes in literally all of the great sights of Rome. Well worth doing at least once. Hope this helps.
  • Website is very confusing but did it last year by proving current affiliation to UKA, no doctor's certificate. Did have to email them but they were more helpful than the site.
  • thanks - have decided not next year, the logistics of going for the race and a family holiday wasn't working out really to include both what I would want in terms of the race and what the family would want in terms of a holiday! Pah, oh well, another year - love Rome and it looks like a fun one
  • Has anyone tried to enter the 2018 Rome marathon with any success? I've attempted by following the online instructions (which are not straightforward) and have completed the application to register an account with the MYmdr and have been waiting 3 weeks for my username and password. Without these you cannot progress to the next step of applying to enter the marathon. After multiple emails and phone calls that go unanswered, I am no further forward.
  • I loved the Rome marathon - great sights all round and great support.
    A few cobbles but nothing too bad.

    Medical certificate is a joke - print your own off and sign it Micky Mouse, they would not even notice.
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