Yet another running shoe recommendation/ideas required........

David J 27David J 27 ✭✭✭
Thought I'd ask but I'm looking for a road shoe with following characteristics.... (just on the off chance someone has solved the same question :-) )

- light 250g/275g ish for a size 8
- forefoot flex - bendy at the forefoot - so I can skip lightly along the roads
- ok cushioning at the forefoot - suit up to marathon distance - when the distance slows me and I start to slap the floor
- suit a natural/forefoot style - 3 or 4mm drop .. or less

I've tried Saucony Kinvara (great but not quite enuff forefoot cushioning for marathon); My latest are Newton Gravity (speedy PB material and great for short distances but not really for 10 miles plus). Love my Peregrine's for off road.
Considered Altras (not flexible enough?); Hoka's (again not flexible enough and "too" cushioned?)
Saucony Freedoms sound possible but ever so expensive!


  • What about Adidas Boston Boost? I'm looking for a similar shoe, and would have the Bostons but they were ever so narrow for my foot. Shame, as they hit the spot otherwise.
    I also tried on some Nike Lunartempo 2 on and might still go for those, but the stack heights and drop are a bit much for my liking.
    Like you, i'd be all over the Freedoms if they weren't so expensive.
  • I cannot recommend a shoe but what I can say is you should go try them on in a shop and see if you can have at least a run on the treadmill in them I normally have the GT2000-3/4’s but now the style has changed I cannot get on with the new GT2000-5 so wanted to try a different brand having narrowed it down to 3-4 types on the internet I was still unsure which one to purchase – so I went to a shop and paid for a gait analysis and fitting. This allowed me to try on 4-5 different stability shoes and have a treadmill run in them. I was amazed at how different the fit and feel of each on was. So although I am sure people will tell you what works for them there is no guarantee they will work for you so if its an option go for a proper fitting it will be more expensive but once you know the style you like you can purchase them online cheaper.
  • Quick follow up - found Saucony Freedoms at a "reasonable" £80 - went for it and initially v pleased. Hits the hoped for spot. Bit more cushioned than Kinvara with a nice firmish/plushy/bouncy feel on forefoot. Flexible. Only slight negative is that the heel at back is quite low and altho no problems at all I though it might feel as tho my heel not held securely enuff. 
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