Yet another running shoe recommendation/ideas required........

David J 27David J 27 ✭✭✭
Thought I'd ask but I'm looking for a road shoe with following characteristics.... (just on the off chance someone has solved the same question :-) )

- light 250g/275g ish for a size 8
- forefoot flex - bendy at the forefoot - so I can skip lightly along the roads
- ok cushioning at the forefoot - suit up to marathon distance - when the distance slows me and I start to slap the floor
- suit a natural/forefoot style - 3 or 4mm drop .. or less

I've tried Saucony Kinvara (great but not quite enuff forefoot cushioning for marathon); My latest are Newton Gravity (speedy PB material and great for short distances but not really for 10 miles plus). Love my Peregrine's for off road.
Considered Altras (not flexible enough?); Hoka's (again not flexible enough and "too" cushioned?)
Saucony Freedoms sound possible but ever so expensive!


  • What about Adidas Boston Boost? I'm looking for a similar shoe, and would have the Bostons but they were ever so narrow for my foot. Shame, as they hit the spot otherwise.
    I also tried on some Nike Lunartempo 2 on and might still go for those, but the stack heights and drop are a bit much for my liking.
    Like you, i'd be all over the Freedoms if they weren't so expensive.
  • I cannot recommend a shoe but what I can say is you should go try them on in a shop and see if you can have at least a run on the treadmill in them I normally have the GT2000-3/4’s but now the style has changed I cannot get on with the new GT2000-5 so wanted to try a different brand having narrowed it down to 3-4 types on the internet I was still unsure which one to purchase – so I went to a shop and paid for a gait analysis and fitting. This allowed me to try on 4-5 different stability shoes and have a treadmill run in them. I was amazed at how different the fit and feel of each on was. So although I am sure people will tell you what works for them there is no guarantee they will work for you so if its an option go for a proper fitting it will be more expensive but once you know the style you like you can purchase them online cheaper.
  • Quick follow up - found Saucony Freedoms at a "reasonable" £80 - went for it and initially v pleased. Hits the hoped for spot. Bit more cushioned than Kinvara with a nice firmish/plushy/bouncy feel on forefoot. Flexible. Only slight negative is that the heel at back is quite low and altho no problems at all I though it might feel as tho my heel not held securely enuff. 
  • I have moderate pronation and I've always used Asics shoes.

    My current ones are Asics GT2000 (with the wider '2E' fitting) which I've had for too long and was wondering what the best Asics equivalent that is on sale now. Also is there a decent Gortex version of these shoes?

    Thanks, Laurence
  • chamolkchamolk ✭✭✭
    I thought they still made the GT 2000s. Never worn them so can't tell you of they've changed recently (they changed the toe box in a lot of their other models).

    I've never seen gtx versions of their normal road shoes, just their trail shoes
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