Hever castle triathlon

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Is anyone else doing this?  I am doing the Half IM distance. I rode the course on Monday and its the toughest half course I have ever done. I just about made it to the end!  


  • I'll be there are one of the BTF Race Officials.  that middle distance is brutal!
  • PG3PG3 ✭✭✭
    Yep!  I have done about 8 HIMs and 2 IMs but nothing this tough!
  • I'm doing the Olympic this year. Did the gauntlet last year and yes, it's tough. I had to do the run with cramp in both quads , walking up any inclines, and surprisingly, running down the declines as well. Really well organised, only negative at all is trying to make sure as a slower person you don't get run over by the kids doing their triathlons later that afternoon ,cycling on the same paths you run on! But hey, you're seasoned, sure you'll be well finished by then! Think my top tip was to make sure you're on top of your nutrition and hydration, cos thanks to the rolling contours it's real difficult to eat/drink on the fly , hence me largely forgetting then predictably falling apart come the run....at least the run is never boring, even if you're walking it. And plenty of people to chat to, who'd also messed it all up!
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    Thanks.  I am expecting to be somewhere near the back so i am hoping i have some people to talk to!  FB - will you be on a motorbike?
  • PG3PG3 ✭✭✭
    Great race, super tough.  I finished in 7h11 which was a personal worst but half way up the women's field.  Well organised. I would recommend to anyone who likes hills :-)
  • I love this race, I did the Gauntlet the year before last. Tough but great.
  • JGavJGav ✭✭✭
    I down for the half distance, first race longer than Olympic.
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