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Morning All,

I'm starting to increase my pace and distance in order to take the step up to a sub 2 hour half marathon and beyond (I don't want to state my ultimate goal, yet, needless to say it's a long term goal).
With this in mind, I think I can justify (to the Mrs) another spend and I'm thinking of compression Socks to aid recovery. I've been researching and have a few ideas, but have some specific questions that I can't seem to find the answer to. Hopefully, some of you lovely people can provide me with some answers!?
Firstly, do you need to wear them all the time to get the benefit of a compression sock? I see some people running in them and some people putting them on post run. Are there different types of socks that you put on after and ones you run in?
Secondly, are they more for bigger distances? I run a regular 6.4km commute with increased distances on a Sunday and speed work/core work mixed in, just wondering if I should be wearing them for every run.
Finally, sock or sleeve? I prefer the idea of a sock as my feet can hurt a bit after a long run, I also don't like the idea of the bottom of a sleeve riding up as I'm running, is this a problem?

Thanks in advance for your advise. I'm not sure if it's allowed on this forum, but if you could link some suggestions, I'd appreciate it.
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    Hi KoI,

    I wear calf sleeves, having tried compression socks in the past - depending on which ones you buy, they don't all have compression in the feet. My problem with the socks was that they actually came down a lot - a bit like football socks do.

    I wear my sleeves if my calves are a bit achy after a hard workout session, or if my long run has contained some tricky hills.
    I often wear them overnight, and into the morning, but never wear them whilst I run - as I've found that I get soreness around the back of my knee if I do.

    I would 100% recommend them as a tool for recovery. I use Compressport ones, which you can get from Wiggle, Amazon, etc.
  • I wear 2XU compression calf sleeves on runs longer than 15k. Can't do without them for marathons. I try Keep them on for a couple of hours after or longer if I can to keep the circulation going. I tried some Adidas compression socks last year for a while but I found the socks to be too thick around the foot, causing them to bunch up in some small areas and cause blisters, so I wear regular running ankle socks with the 2XUs now instead.
  • I am always wearing BAMS compression socks. It is not bad to wear compression socks every time if you have the best brand of it. I use BAMS because it gives the total comfort that I want and I love it! If you are interested to try BAMS compression socks, you may go to and search for BAMS compression socks. :)
  • Hi does anyone have any actual studies which confirm compression socks do work?
  • Hi there

    Does anyone have feedback about this compression socks from adidas?? They are cheap on black friday (10€)


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