Strictly 2017

Anybody interested in a thread this year?


  • Yes!  Although it's so quiet in here that it'll probably just be you and I.

    I haven't watched all the first show yet - out on Saturday night and then running a marathon on Sunday.  Fell asleep last night just after Brian Conley.  Hopefully get a few more watched tonight.

  • OK Nessie, I will let you catch up before adding any comments. No great dramas yet.

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I'm up to date. :)

    There are some pretty good contenders emerging already.  Debbie and Aston were great in both their dances, and wow! for Alexandra's paso!

    I always expect my fellow Scots to be very wooden and reserved (it's in our nature to be a bit shy, and given past performances from Judy Murray, Kenny Logan, Carol Kirkwood, Thom Evans etc) at least at the start, but Joe McFadden has come out of the blocks sprinting, and Susan Calman is much better than I expected (and makes Janette look normal height!).

    No complete duffers this year, although Brian, Rev Richard, Simon and Ruth are the 4 weakest.  I think Charlotte's performance on Saturday was more due to nerves than anything else and she should be able to come back from it - time will tell.

    Chizzy definitely wasn't the worst, and it's always a shame for whoever is out first, but I don't think she'd be challenging for the final.
  • Charlotte was v lucky not to go!
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Obviously the good Reverend wasn't quite bad enough to do a Widdecome. 

    I actually thought his dance-off was so much better than his "Saturday night" dance, whereas Simon's was worse.  However, on the whole, Simon is definitely better, and has more potential to improve.

    Everyone seems to be settling down a bit now, but Debbie, Aston and Alexandra are definitely the front runners.
  • Nessie, I could pretty much requite your views as my own!!  

    Agree with your bottom four, agree on Charlotte, she should be better if she can sort her nerves and certainly deserves a chance at this stage. Chizzie was a bit unlucky to go first week but wasn't going to be a contender.  

    Aston and Alexander are definitely the front runners, Debbie a little behind. Joe is a bit of a dark horse as well. Mollie may also develop into a contender. 

    Jonnie is doing OK especially for an athlete who notoriously can't do characterisation and his upper body needs work in terms of styling. I like Susan and thought she danced OK last week.

    Brian and Simon are both up against it.

    However also agree there is no real bad dancer this year. No Sergeant or Widdecombe getting votes for entertainment value and the Rev wasn't in that class!

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Well, if they keep voting off the worst dancers, then it'll be Simon and Ruth in the next dance off, with Susan joining the survivor the following week.

    I missed last week's show, so don't know if Charlotte was the right choice to go, but I got the feeling Brendan's comments were starting to grate a bit. 

    Despite the judges raving, Debbie's rumba left me rather cold.  Joe's paso on the other hand.......... :p;)
  • Agree again Nessie. Simon should be next then Ruth and then probably Susan. I like her actually and di think she was a point better than her 16 last week but isn't as good as the next ones u. No shocks this year yet. Brian was right to go although it was a case of the worst of two poor dances. Joe's Paso was unusual but it was good but he is so inconsistent that can't be sure what you are going to get. I also Thought Alexandra was under-marked by a point and should have been in the 24 club.  Davood for me was over-marked. 8s were ridiculous and Craig's 6 was right. Having said that he was in the right position on the leaderboard if not the right score.  As for Debbie's Rumba, I agree with you Nessie.  However I should point out I don't like the Rumba, indeed I just don't get it (wish they dropped it from strictly personally) so have to defer to the judges opinion on that one.  

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Noooooooo!  Why on earth was Aston in the dance off in the first place?  I don't think his low score was justified. The music was a stupid choice for a foxtrot, but I think that is out of the hands of the pros and the celebrities.  Given that, I think the choreography was the best it could be in the circumstances, and he didn't dance badly with what he had to work with.

    In a serious grump today.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Even more stupid choice for a Vienese Walz, obviously.....
  • Nessie, sorry didn't get on here last week and also I am going to disagree with you for once.  I actually thought Aston has an off week and was in the right position on the leaderboard!  The 4 looked wrong in absolute terms but basically Mollie was undermarked for her dance first up. So when a number of others didn't dance better then Craig ranked them and gave them lower scores (the other judges copped out and gave similar scores). By the time he got to Aston and he had a poor one, he has nowhere else to go other than a 4.  Also Aston was not in the middle of the scoreboard, he was bottom 2 so he needed votes and obviously didn't get them.  Before the results show, I said to the wife if Aston remains in the bottom two and is in the dance off then if he gets Ruth he is safe but against anybody else it could be close. It was close but I thought Mollie and AJ were better last week.

    The easy decision for Shirley would have been to save Aston but she stuck by her decision and that took guts actually. Now Mollie isn't going to win overall and Aston may have done but it is like Chesterfield vs Man Utd in the 3rd round of the FA cup. It is the performance on the day that counts not whether you might win overall.

    So I would have saved Mollie and AJ as well.

    So more disappointing that she had a bit of a nightmare this week with zero shaping and may well be the one to go this week. Certainly can see her in the dance off again and this time probably justifiably. I actually think Johnnie was about the same and he will still get votes I think. 

    As a side note, as somebody who doesn't like Rumba, I thought Joe did a decent job and is becoming a contender.

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    I wish they'd stop the propaganda for Blackpool. It's a God forsaken windy shithole.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Fair dos, Brooks - I was letting my "better dancer overall" heart rule my "it's about the night" head.  Still disappointed we won't get to see more of Aston though.  And something about Molly leaves me cold - she doesn't seem to connect with the dance or AJ or the audience.  But that could just be me......

    Agree about Joe's rumba - and after his Charleston last week, he's certainly coming out of his shell.  Alexandra's AT was magnificent and she's probably my favourite.  Glad Susan wasn't in the dance off - she's definitley improving even though she's well behind some of the others. 

    Bottom 2 were spot on, IMO, and Johnny definitely improved between Saturday and "Sunday" whilst Ruth was shocking in the dance off.  Right result.

    So now to Blackpool, the home of dance and the centre of the universe..... ;)
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