5k to 10k

So I ran my first ever 5k this week. I have been having personal training which has helped a lot, but this week my PT decided he wasn’t going to continue it after this month. It sounds like he’s trying to be fair to everyone. He runs a brain injury group and started personal training with 3 of us I think I was last one he took on all at different times now he has had people asking him to do PT with them so because he doesn’t have time for everyone he’s decided he’s stopping with everyone. I have 2 more sessions left. This week he said let’s see how far I can run without stopping. I did 5k which is a 3k improvement so I’m happy, but now I’m thinking I could have done more. I was starting to struggle but maybe could have done another 1k. 

I’m thinking next week to try for 6 or 7k. I have been fine since doing the 5k which makes me think I could manage more. I did a 5k last month which I fast walked in parts and really struggled the last km would of gladly walked but had my PT videoing me so had to at least try to run. Day after I couldn’t run far at all. 

I am am planning to get my PT a thank you card and put what I would like to go on to achieve in hope of him offering to continue PT. If it doesn’t work I’ll accept and try to get another PT or something. 

I’m thinking of in last session ask to do another run as far as I can and just carry on til I honestly can not do any more or my PT decides to finish it. 
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