Any tips to not end up struggling running longer distance? Apart from the obvious practice

Ok my last session with current PT is on Thursday. I have had a few month of good session after good session where I haven’t really struggled to complete any session. Last week that changed. I have been getting to doing longer runs 5k 2 week back which was far easier than I expected and even tho it was me who decided that was far enough I probably could have managed further. Last week was by far the hardest session yet not the route but I just struggled from near enough start. I had been running every day a few km so that was likely why I struggled. I did manage 6k and faster time than week before but honestly I would of gladly stopped after 2k if there had been any chance of getting the session another day.

At end my PT admitted he hadn’t expected me to manage the full session. It has been a constant thing of me trying to get him to realise how much I can do and til last week I was getting there. I’ve suprised him in nearly every session it’s only last few week he has relaxed and been comfortable pushing me to do more. Last week he seemed to go back to not thinking I could manage as much. He’s still encouraging and knows I will be ok with pushing myself so still improvement from starting. This week I intend to ask him to give me chance at trying something he doesn’t think I’m quite ready for just so I can end on a positive note. I’m thinking 7k as after last week I don’t think he will think I could manage it or maybe shorter distance uphill. 

I havent done nearly as much running running this week did 5k on Saturday and did 1k and 1.5k yesterday. Actually struggled a bit yesterday so thinking do a bit today see how I feel and maybe tomorrow, but don’t want to struggle on Thursday not sure if practice or rest would help most as I have rested and it’s not made it easier.


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    You don't need a PT to just run.  Stick some trainers on a go run.  
  • If you're going longer, run slower.
  • As JGav mentioned above you don't need a PT to run in fact I would think having someone pushing you every week will sap any fun out of running. If you can already run 5k (doesn't matter how slow/fast) you are already doing great, just carry on doing that a few times a week and maybe add 1k a week to one of the 5k runs.

    Have a look if there is a Parkrun near you, free 5k runs every Saturday. It will be a good way to benchmark times and see improvements.

    You can also look if there is a running club near you, most will have a beginners group and i'm sure you will be made to feel welcome. Joining a club should not cost much for a year probably less than two or three PT sessions.
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    Well had my last PT session just now. I say last but it’s not exactly last as I really did push myself to do just over 7k and I think it made my PT realise I would benefit from occasional sessions after now. I’ve signed up to do the 10k in April which I need to practice towards. My PT seems to want to help so has said he would do another session end of next month and today added he will do a few in March to help me towards the 10k. Then said possible that he will do some training with a few of us who are going to run in local marathon as relay team. So as for paying a PT I’m not really keen on idea may have the odd session just to see how it goes, but as the PT I been having seems to be willing to carry on at least monthly for now I don’t see point paying someone.
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    Every post of yours has revolved around using a PT for running, pretty much every response/advice that you don't need a PT and either just run, or join a running club/group.  Do you just not want to listen to the advice?
  • PT's can be useful but you will be surprised at how much you can improve your running by doing simple things like fuelling your body properly for those longer runs and ensuring that you take plenty of time to warm up and stretch.. I had started to struggle a little lately but found those things very helpful myself. Also you should maybe try and get out running without a PT and surprise yourself with how well you will do on your own.
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    Yea I think I probably will do it without PT as really was only using one so I didn’t get bored. I’m more bothered about having someone to run with so it doesn’t get boring. The PT I been having is someone who runs a group I go to and he offered me PT to help me get started running and he does it free so more like someone to have run with. 

    Well next month he isn’t doing any session til end of month so see how I get on. 
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