Best Basic App / Watch Running (Split Times)

Hello all. A quick question (I hope) - I would like an app or a phone that shows me (after the run) my average pace by mile, my overall time and perhaps calories consumed (not that fussed about the last). What would you recommend as the best app for this? Or even a watch if needs be.

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  • I have the samsung gear fit2 watch, they tend to give them away with latest phones, so i managed to bag one for £50 2nd hand - i already have a samsung phone. It does all you say and more, though i think would need to be paired to a samsung phone to use the s-health app. I've had mine over a year, the only drawback on it is battery life, i'm new to running and have worked my way up to a 60 min duration. From a full charge the battery goes down to aprox 43% in that time... this has me worried, thus starting to look at other options, and would like to stay with the s-health app just as i know it so well, but looks like a change to the strava app would be better along with something like the garmin 235 watch. I'll follow this thread with interest.
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    If you have any smart phone with gps (Which is all of them) you can install Strava or runkeeper which will do what you are after.
  • As Richard2 said, Strava is a great option for recording your runs on a smartphone. If you want to monitor your workouts during the run like you could on a running watch, I recommend Wahoo Fitness android app, it lets you do laps which the Strava app doesn't have and has heaps of useful data like current/lap/total pace/HR/cadence etc. Very useful for monitoring interval training.
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