First 10k practice tomorrow any tips?

Got a 10k run in April never done one before and have got to aim for best time I can. Been told the target is everyone finishing under 90 min which may seem easy to most. I’ve only been running a few month and do a 5k in about 47 min. So 10k in under 90 is going to be hard. I can manage 1k in under 10 min easily and continue at that pace easy enough so I’m going to aim for under 100 min. I can do 1k in under 8 min but wouldn’t be able to keep at that pace for any where near 10k. I’ve practiced on up slight hills and still manage km in under 10 min. 

Tomorrow i I am going to do 10k preferably slow run all way but will walk if needed as I’m doing it to get extra £6 sponsor for local charity that’s helped me. I’m recording the run on an app that records runs you do. I’ve chosen a fairly easy run that’s level with few downward slopes, would prefer more mixed route but from where I am it’s only level and down hills. Depending how I am near end I may do last bit up hill just to see what time I get.


  • skottyskotty ✭✭✭
    Whose target is 90 minutes? It might be a cut-off time for the race in which case you can't just set your own target of 100 minutes.
  • kmo86kmo86 ✭✭✭
    The man who organises it but he has said it’s only so everyone finishes around same time and it doesn’t really matter if anyone takes longer. He has done some running with me so knows the speed I normally go. I am aiming for under 100 min rather than under 90 as I know I will struggle to keep going at the 1k in 9min pace and end up being slower and walking. If I aim for the slower 1k in 10 min I should manage to keep to it and keep going til end so would mean faster time as I would be able to push myself to keep going all way. 
  • I run with 2 friends every weekend and we are run/walking - 2 mins running / 1 min walking (although we've just upped it to 3:1) and we can do 10K in 80 minutes and it feels more sustainable
  • kmo86kmo86 ✭✭✭
    I have thought of that. May try it tomorrow if I struggle to keep running. 
  • kmo86kmo86 ✭✭✭
    I did it in 1 hour 41 min. Slightly longer than planned and to be fair it was a easy route all level mostly.  Hoping to do another different route that I don’t know on Thursday. Man who organises the 10k I’m doing in April has done some running with me but finished last month has agreed to do a few next month to help me get better time. At first he said do 8k on Thursday but has agreed as long as I’m ok we can do more. I have managed everything he planned me to do til now but not more so now is my chance to do more. Did 10k on my own today it’s more enjoyable with someone so going to make most of it.
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