Nike Epic React Flyknit Men's Running Shoe

Just brought these from Nike. Anybody got them and can tell me what they are like? Was using Nike Roche before which have served me well but just want something a bit better now.



  • does anyone have any discount codes for
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    Hi, I have a pair and so far I've done a 5k recovery run and a 12 miler in them.

    I would say I like them, there was something strangely satisfactory about them but I'm not blown away. 

    The upper is comfortable and thin but strong. They are nice and light, but I feel the neck is slightly small making them annoying to put on, and I found a little way into my 12 miler that I become slightly concerned that they were not on tightly enough (but they stayed on), I also only did a single knot and the laces stayed done up (a major bugbear of mine for the boost)

    The remember the feeling when I switched to boost foam and it was a real milestone moment for cushioning and my legs suddenly didn't hurt as much on a run, the padding on the nike is no where near this, it is satisfactory, but with all the PR noise nike was making I guess my expectation was set too high, but for the lightness I guess it is good.

    I did find a mid foot pain about 8 mile in, but that might just have been general run pain, I'm going to do a bit of science with some ultraboosts I have and see if it is just me, or the shoe.

    So I would say a 3.5 stars out of 5, if the durability is what they say it is then I'll move that to 4 but i cannot give it that yet.  It was not the milestone moment of the boosts or the drop dead o'h my god what a shoe!' of the vapor 4%ers

    Now if they could merge the claimed durability of the react with the 4%ers that would be quite a shoe

    hope that helps
  • Thanks for your comment. I have done a proper run in them yet, few jogs to work that is only a couple of hundred meters but they do feel quite nice. Going to test them out in the next few days and see what they are like :)
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