Supernova ST Stability Error

vodkabobvodkabob ✭✭✭
Hi all, looking for advice!  I have had a gait done ages ago and I am a neutral runner, I always buy Adidas Supernova.  I was out shopping before Xmas and saw some in the sale, really cheap, so bought them.  Went to use them this week when my old pair went the journey but they are the Supernova ST brand and are for Stability and not neutral. 

So my question is, will these trainers do me any harm or should i just get rid of them?  TIA. 


  • I would probably not use them. Better to stick with what you know if it’s working
  • I dont know what is the cause of the stability error but I have checked to know about the fix. Please help me to fix the problem.
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