How do I get quicker at 10k

Hi there,

I did a 10k race at the weekend and I got 46:56. Pleased with the time but I want to get quicker, anybody got any tips or training advise on how to get quicker.



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    That's a great time Andrew, but for me, you should do sprint/interval training. It's the best way to get quicker.

    My usual one (treadmill) is 32 mins:

    3 mins @ 11
    1 min @15-18 (start at 15 when you first do it, get quicker in time)

    Repeat x8 with warm up, warm down either side.

    Do that 2/3 times a week and you'll get quicker :smile:
  • Thank you very much, I will try that :)
  • Gradually build your fitness by consistently running more miles and run 3+  days of the week. You should be able to run well under 45 minutes in your next 10km by being consistent in your training and running most of your training runs @ an pace. One day of the week run either 400m or 800m repeats or run a 2 to 4 mile tempo run @ 10km race pace. Weekly long run between 6 to 10 miles to work on endurance.
  • Thank you for the help. Definitely going to try this.
  • Thus is really interesting as I am so slow and never seem to get faster. 
  • My last Bristol 10K was almost the same as yours in speed. The past 6 months, I've being trying to improve my pace dramatically as well. My strategy has been mainly treadmill-based - working out the speed in MPH for my target time, then running at or above that speed for as long as I can.

    There will be far more sophisticated methods, but for me, with my limited training time... seemeed to work.
  • With the faster speed training, does that tend to make you more prone to injury?
  • You'd be better off doing race pace or even a bit higher for an interval, then letting yourself recover a bit and then going again.  Doing flat out all the way is a sure fire way to burn out. 

    And yes speed is a prime cause of injury. Build up to it and listen to your body and back it down if needed. 
  • As others are saying Andrew it's Intervals for me that are the key for getting faster 5k / 10k times. Built up slowly of course in both speed and number of reps to prevent injury from the extra stresses of the faster pace. I would suggest something like 2 or 3 X 2 mile and 1 X 1 mile at 20 - 30 secs a mile quicker than your current 10 k pace and slightly faster for the mile rep with a 2 min jog recovery. This should start to make the current 10 k pace feel easier leading to improvement over the longer distance . These type of sessions seem to work for me when sharpening up for the ' shorter ' races
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