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Long story short: had to give up running/ jogging after the FLM 2002 for health reasons. Put on over 6 stone in weight; need to do something so want to build back up to slow jogging 6M on roads.

But the modern Nike Pegasus is nowhere near comparable to the old, being lighter, with forefoot cushioning which some people hate and having reviews saying its uncomfortable and falls apart quickly.  Can anyone who uses Pegasus remember back 20 years? How do they compare with today? Are there any alternatives? I still have my marathon shoes and am tempted to use them... but they will have lost their cushioning for sure. I am way too embarressed to go into a shop and my credit card doesn't have credit enough to buy several pairs of different brands. PS no smart phone either so if I dont say thanks for your comment its because I haven't got HAL onside. But thanks anyway


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    TBH, the Nike Pegasus changes from model to model. We're now on version 34 or something, and I know from experience that just because one version works doesn't mean the next one will. The latest version will not have anything in common with the version you remember. I wouldn't use your old shoes now, especially if you've put on weight since, I don't think the cushioning will be up to the job.

    I know you don't like the idea of a running shop, but the "right" shoe for you isn't something that a stranger can assess without knowing or seeing you. We're all different - that's why there's so much choice out there. Maybe go to a running shop further from home so that you know that if you're uncomfortable you don't need to ever go back. If the staff in the shop aren't friendly towards you (unlikely), then vote with your feet and just leave. But they want you to buy shoes from them, and they want you to buy the right ones, so that you'll trust them in future and spend more time and money there. You've got absolutely nothing to lose, so why not give it a go? Don't just take a recommendation from a random punter on an internet forum, getting shoes which are right for you is too important to be left to chance.

  • Thank you - yes - I think you are right. Nike used to promise that Bowerman series trainers like Pegasus would remain consistent from version to version, guess they've forgotten that.
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    Modern running shoes comprised of less durable, cheaper lighter materials and rarely last longer than 200 miles. Companies make cheap products that break down faster and consumers are forced to purchase a replacement sooner. It is typical of the throw away Consumerist world we live in. Long gone are the days of quality durable products.
  • Hey all, just wanted to pop in here and say that from what I know, Nike Peg '18 is an all-time favourite with runners, its the most dramatic of the Peg family. Though I can't remember all the way back to 2002 myself. May I ask though, why are you embarrassed on going to the shop @SSLastUnicorn? Completely agree with @rodeoflip, if you're that uncomfortable at a store then 'vote with your feet and just leave,' what a proper quote! I think I might steal it and use it somewhere else :mrgreen:
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