Strava - Live Tracking - Question from noob - Please Help

Hello Hello

I am doing a race tomorrow and I would like my other half to be able to track me.

As I understand it, with Strava premium, it is possible for her to see where I am.

Can I upload a route and overlay it with the live tracking - otherwise I am just in a field somewhere rather than obviously close or far away from the end (where she and the kids will be waiting.

Please help, I thought it would be straight forward (it probably is to most), but I don't know which app to choose, I was hopig for a free one but I am now willing to pay if I can find the right one.

Please Help



  • Aah. Too late now but do you have a Garmin ? That has "watch my live activity" function. It's free. You can't overlay a map but how long was the Race ,? It would give your wife the distance you'd run anyway.

    Hopefully all went well and she's not still waiting for you at some random hedge .
  • The strava thing worked OK, it was at least able to allow tracking. It was a 35 miler so it was more about letting her know when I was nearing the end so she and the kids could see the finish.

    I couldnt upload a route though so I wont keep the app (I was able to get a free trial), and I have a suunto rather than garmin.

    I had my phone on me and apparently you can just do it with google maps, so next time I will just use that.

    Happy ending though (apart from 35 miles on a very hot day)

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