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Hi all,

I've signed up to run a half marathon at the beginning of September. I have never been a runner and up until a few weeks ago I hated the thought of it and tried to find every excuse under the sun not to do it (I have run 5k and 10k before, but they were slow times (40 mins for 5k, 1 hour 15 for 10k) and involved some walking). This time I downloaded C25K and I'm now in week 7, and I'll be doing a park run in the next week or two with the aim of running the whole thing. Something has sort of clicked and I'm...well I'm not enjoying it, but I'm not hating it, and I'm now getting to the stage where if I haven't gone for a run in the week, my body is telling me I need to. I'm wondering whether when I'm done with C25k if I should move onto C2 10K, or if there's a different training plan you'd recommend? I've walked half marathons before but this time I'd like to try running the whole thing.


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    Hi WestEndGirl,

    Congratulations on signing up for a half marathon and the ambition of running the whole thing. The good news is you've got quite a bit of time to fit in some specific half marathon training that may well link in nicely with what you're doing as part of the C25K. 

    I'd perhaps do a search for a 12 week half marathon training plan and working back from when your race is see how that links up with your C25K plan. I'm guessing C25K will have you running a 5K by the end of the programme (however many weeks away from that you are). It may well be that the end of the C25K segues nicely into the half marathon plan. 

    The 12 week plan can look a bit daunting at first, but it is designed to effectively take you at your own pace to a point where you should be able to complete a half. 

    Hope that helps.
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