RFID Chip Timing System

glenjonesglenjones ✭✭
I sell a race timing system, which I though would be of interest to some members here, especially those that organise runs at a running club or similar.

I put the system together on a budget (a small budget!), for my club, and think there must be other clubs in a similar situation, i.e. it would be useful to own your own system, but not having thousands of pounds to spend on it.

The system costs £599, plus a small fee for some tags (or supply your own tags), and gives everyone needed to capture chip times.

Pop along to www.retimed.co.uk and if of interest drop me a line :)


  • Hi....after purchasing my software you can install and use it on any computer you personally own. If you ever get new computers you can use it on those too at no additional cost. My software has many features you will not find in other systems - like automatic photo capture of every finisher, results kiosk.
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