Specific Training not Generic!

I have been a runner for 25 years plus whether as a sprinter (national level) or an endurance runner (still progressing)
The amount of inaccurate training advice I see on the internet and by numerous * wannabe coaches* including glorified Pt's , footballers or fat people labelling themselves as coaches is astounding! I have coached students, and adults to podium places in local races and myself so I know a thing or two about coaching running philosophy and good technique, (Graduated in Sport and Exercise Science and will be studying for an Msc in Strength and Conditioning next year).

My issue of late is that so many people are jumping on the bandwagon of either actively running themselves or calling themselves a "running coach" its very hard for the general public to decipher and navigate through the vast amount of training literature and information concerning Long distance running.
In my opinion there are a number of fallacies that exist within the literature and with inexperienced , unqualified people who seem to think they know how to develop a person into a national level athlete !

These myths include -:
(1) Mileage is the most important factor in improving time? No its not it depends on the (Quality of the running)
(2) Stability shoe vs Neutral Shoe? (Dependent upon running gate and an individuals biomechanics)
(3) Leaning forward or running tall up a hill ?!
(4) Skinny is the only physique that will increase running speed ? ( Under weight induces fatigue)
(5) Increased time training equals a right to improvement in performance ! ( No it doesn't)
(6) 1 day full recovery is more than enough ( No !) Recovery is still some of the most overlooked aspects of Sports Training
(7) Giving generic time targets for every individual you coach ( No!) Every time target is based on an individuals Personal Best this allows specificity of the individual.
(8) People taking HGH or Testosterone are not doping ! The are testing needs to come into the races where prize money is up for grabs
(9) Anyone can coach an runner to a very good standard!

These are just a few of the misconceptions I have stumbled across online and when speaking and listening to certain *experts*

It would be interesting to hear other peoples opinions or thoughts on this topic !

Thanks :)
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