Time to get back into running

kmo86kmo86 ✭✭✭
i started doing some running end of last year and start of this thanks to a man who runs a brain injury group I go to offering to go on few runs with me. I did a 5k in December in 50 min then upto 7.4k by end of January when he stopped going for runs due to other people wanting to join in and he didn’t have time for them all. Even then tho he said by summer (now) he mite start a running club. I made it clear I was keen on the idea. 

Since ce then I’ve tried to keep doing some and did a 10k in 1 hour 40 min and 5k in 45 min. But other than that I really have struggled to keep it up. It’s the knowing it doesn’t matter if I can’t run 5k or whatever in whatever time. The man has mentioned starting the running club again next month so I have been doing few runs more shorter ones trying to keep at around 1k in 8 min. I did do 2.25k this week at speed of 1k in 9.25 min. I’m also taking part in a marathon relay team in September which will be my furthest run I think depending which part I do if there is 4 of us there will be someone running 5, 6, 7 and 8 mile but at min only me and one other agreed so may be only 2 which will be tough for me running around half a marathon but will be doing it.
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