Joining new running club

kmo86kmo86 ✭✭✭
I did get into doing a bit of running with a man who runs a brain injury group I go to in December and January but he stopped doing running with people as more people wanted to join in and he didn’t have time. He did say he mite start a running club this summer as he knew I and others wanted him to. So got first session next week which looks set to go same way as the other running did with me wanting to do more than he’s going to let me. To be fair to him there wasn’t a single session before where I felt I could have done more or wanted to do more. 

I’ve done a steady 3k run this morning which was enough so I think it’s made me realise cos I haven’t been doing longer runs it is going to be tough. I think the mans careful attitude to us running will probably mean I benefit from it more as I will be doing much more running on my own to make sure I don’t struggle to manage what I’m saying I can do.

Not sure if this will be a perminent running club or if it’s just to help us through a marathon relay in September which I would likely struggle with if it wasn’t for this running club starting. Still mite but givinging it a go even if I do need to go very slow.

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