Waterproof Running Jacket

Hi guys, I'm looking for a lightweight waterproof running jacket and would love to hear your recommendations.

The jackets I've tried on feel heavy or stiff. Lighter jackets tend to not be fully waterproof.



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    I'm not a fan of waterproof tops, tend to think just get wet, we're all actually waterproof, but if you're running ultras then perhaps get one.

    Some runners go for the high end, such as

    but if I do wear a waterproof top its more likely to be something like 


    which is lightweight but not breathable, so on a fast warm run you end up sweating so much you might as well not have bothered
  • I just use decathlon's wind proof jacket. It keeps you warm when the wind is blowing hard. I've not used top end 300quid jackets that are supposed to breath but I'm very sceptical that they don't make you wet underneath. You are going to be wet with perspiration anyway so go without unless you juat nèed and extra warmth layer.
  • I really don't see the point of running in a waterproof jacket. You are going to get wet anyway from sweating and probably more so if you are wearing a jacket. 
  • unfortunately full waterproof jackets are mandatory in longer distance trail races so i'm going to have to buy one and would like a good one. advice?
  • OMM Kamleika is great. I have also used the Inov8 Stormshell which is a bit less breathable but vents easily. Both have taped seams and are suitable as mandatory kit for longer distane races
  • Montane Minimus has worked well for me - including on SDW50 in 2013, with awful weather after the first 3 hours (kit requirements are there for a reason, as those who had skimped and ended up DNF due to hypothermia discovered).
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