Monday 12th November 2018 - It's not worth anything


Lyrics - It's not worth anything
            More than this at all.

Had a look/listen to the Twitter Gobi. It's great that you are so proud. Does B know what she wants to do next?

What:           probably a MLR though could be a LSR if I feel good
Why:            running as I feel
Last hard:    I'm keeping it easy
Last rest:     14/10
If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.


  • Morning!

    Yesterday's lyrics were "War", Edwin Starr.

    Lyrics: no

    Enjoy your longish run, LMH.

    Anything to report, WP?

    Was it a big day at school yesterday, Don?

    What: whatever run I can fit in

    Why: working so depends on the light as well as niggles
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Morning all
    Gobi - you must be very proud 
    Chick- huge congrats on the win
    Benjy - hope the doctor's probing wasn't too invasive...
    Don - quality XC time!

    What - A run at lunchtime
    Why - because I can!
    Last rest - Saturday 
    Last hard - Saturday

    Team manager for the XC on Saturday anyway and what started as a dry, bright day descended into torrential rain, rivers of mud and some hail. I had planned to run, but as the weather turned (and I got progressively colder despite waterproofs), I erred on the sensible side of not making my first dabble at a run on a technical muddy course. 
    Gutted as it was horrible conditions, just my kind of thing. A lingering snotty nose and sore throat / chest probably wouldn't have helped either.
    Yesterday killed an hour while #2 was swim coaching to chalk up a 10k, first 3 at 8:20s, turned and ran back in 7:40s 
    A bit of muscle tightness but nothing sinister.
    An easy few days ahead but looks as if 4-5 days of rest were worth it.

    New Order on Friday at Ally Pally were excellent. Seen them countless times but they really were very good this time. Benjy would be pleased as they played Love Vigilantes, and a usual mix of old (Ultraviolence) New, (Tutti Frutti) and the classics of Temptation, Blue Monday and True Faith. Encore was 3x Joy Division numbers. 

  • Hi guys...will read back later. Horrible week last week. Knee now officially benched. Resst, rest rest. Busy week with work/marshalling at Severn Night races and flying visit to Scotland for mate's dad's funeral. Hummm. Keeping dog in kennel but tough just now. Will be lurking but not posting for a while as want to see the thread upbeat and not full of my woes :-). Catch you up soon
  • LMH: A M or L sounds both great options to me, enjoy whichever you go with. Cold but sunny/warming up here so hope you have the same.
    Gobi: That's lovely, truly is
    SC: Blimey you have been in the wars, rest is best I guess. Sorry to hear about your mate's dad. You don't need to lurk, look forward to your posts, everyone has an off-point, the stuff you do with TKD, travelling, family and running events & training are inspiring.
    Dustin: That's good pacing, I just can't maintain below 8 unless it seems I am in an event, don't know why, like some kind computer says no situation. New Order sounds top, Ultraviolence a little played track, have to say though Power, Corruption & Lies is my favourite album of theirs. Just out of interest what were the three Joy Division tracks, I'm guessing Love Will Tear Us Apart is a definite, but the other two I would guess She's Lost Control Again, Transmission or (my preferred track by them but not upbeat for a gig) Atmosphere.
    Chicksta: Your legs got the brunt of it, but your trainers are dazzlingly white! Ha ha
    Welsh: Echo Ale here, interested to see how you got on.

    Yesterday's intentions changed, decided I wanted a decent run instead so went for 10.25 miler. Was very enjoyable and sightseeing.

    What: Gym session at lunchtime
    Why: Fancy doing some pull-ups, want to run tomorrow and Wednesday
    Lyrics: Boo-hoo no

  • Morning,

    SC: I am sorry about friends dad, there is a spate of death's lately:-( I lost a friend a few weeks ago although only found out on Friday.I hope you post when you feel up to it and that knee sorts it self out! Can you do TKD?

    LMH:I hope you had an enjoyable run

    Chick well done on placing and race was it a half marathon?

    I hope I never gave the wrong impression it was not a race just a Poppy run you sign up donate £5 to the Poppy Appeal and then run 10k on your own as lots of folk running up and down the land and they raised £10,000  which is fab. 

    I chose to run at Aberafan as flat 14m of climbing compared to 200-300 back home.Weather  was not kind heavy rain and winds it blew me all over the place so head down and get it done.I observed the 2 minute silence and was rewarded by a beautiful Rainbow, which made my day. finishing in 62 minutes this involved 1/4 mile of flooding water above ankle so had  to run on grass and my achilles hates grass and on the return journey, so all things considered a great run. Last 0.35 mile  started with a 7 and not seen that number in a long time.

    What: 6 miles easy
    Why: Because i can
    Last hard: yesterday
    Lyrics: Nope

    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • I'm glad the rest seems to have helped Dustin.

    Great that you enjoyed your run yesterday Benjy. Dry, bright but breezy here.

    I think it was the 'Aberfan 10k' that caused the confusion Poppy. Lovely idea and rewarded with a rainbow  :)

    Hope work and light are conducive Alehouse.

    Don't disappear SC - you're welcome when benched and/or miserable - you always have things to offer.

    My first student cancelled this morning giving me an extra hour so I decided it would be silly not to take advantage as we never know what will happen so I made miles whilst the sun shone and my LSR is done.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Very good running, poppy. And a great cause. My race was a k short of a half marathon :) It's just the way the route pans out. 1 lap is 5.023k. I reckon they could make people do 2.5 laps on the adjacent track but I guess that'll overcomplicate things. After all it's a very low-key series over 5 races in winter.

    SC: So sorry to read you're seriously benchend :(  Like others said, stick around and feel free to offload your frustration.

    LMH: Good you managed an LSR.

    Dustin: At least one is off the bench. Top marks for being sensible.

    Benjy: That pic was a bit deceiving. Those trainers (and socks) were quite filthy, trust me. I had to stick them in the washing machine :)

    What: strength work at the gym
    Why: sticking to my 5 days of running is enough routine
    Last hard: getting those trainers clean
    Last rest: 9/10
    Lyrics: there endeth my streak
  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭

    She is hoping to go to Uni and study music

    What: 6 miles d&d run and gym PM

    Why: it is a good question

    Last hard: Saturday

    Last rest: 31st October

    Lyrics: Nope

  • Afternoon!

    Glad you managed to get a long run in, LMH

    Hurry up back, SC...but don't rush things!

    What: managed to get 20 minutes running in

    Why: it gets dark rather early. And calf/Achilles area is of slight concern so that was enough: could well have been from running on grass on Saturday, thinking about it, as per WP...and well done on your Aberfan run.
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • Dustin, was still 265th and 55th V40 so even though I was fast by my standards, I got humped, to coin a phrase.

    Alehouse, massive day for us yesterday, especially as 3 students have lost a parent in the last 6 months.  A moving day.

    Benjy, knee is same as ever!  Very sore but I am managing it.

    6 miles yesterday, 4 today.

    Lyrics, no.
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