Custom Running Plan Based on 5k Pace

I am working on an app for managing and creating running plans for users. Its a free download and you can build up your own plan for free. You can also use it as a race calendar, getting a countdown to your list of races. The main thing i'm working on now is building up a 4 week training block based on 5k race pace.

Do you think ratios of your 5k pace applies to runners of all levels? For example, I run 5k in 16 minutes. I run my long runs reasonably hard, so my long run pace is about 25% slower than that, around 4 minutes per km or 6:30 per mile. Would the same ratio apply to a 25 minute 5k runner for example? This would scale up to about 6:15 per km or 10 minutes per mile.. Does that sounds reasonable? Love to hear your thoughts!
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