Possible Peroneal Tendinitis???

really need some advice from some fellow runners!!....
so a brief overview...I run 4 times a week doing 5k each time at a pretty slow pace. Also swim 3 times and week and some weight training and yoga
turned awkwardly on run 5 weeks ago and felt a slight discomfort in outer ankle. Hurt rest of the day but following morning had gone. No pain for 4 days then just randomly re appeared!
no pain to run but hurts after like a dull ache...feel pain in outer ankle, arch of foot, side of foot and sometimes up the back of my leg into my butt!
I’ve also had some tingling in my foot. 
Have been seeing a sports physio every week and it always seems better after but then comes back. I’ve only run twice and have been cross training.
i suffer with injuries on the left side due to an imbalance  and have recently had plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis and extensor Tendonitis!!
someome helps as I’m really unsure what this is and what to do next???!!


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