Edinburgh Marathon 2019 - where to stay?

I'm running the Edinburgh Marathon in May and wanted advice which area is best to stay please? We are going up Friday to Monday. Looking at Air bnb - seen a lovely one in portobello right on the beach but not sure if we would be better off staying more central? thanks All!


  • GPH1984GPH1984 ✭✭✭
    Hi Pagey

    Portobello is a bit out of town unless you’re ok with buses/taxis. If you’re looking for something practical, comfortable(ish) and walking distance of city centre, Holiday Inn at the top of Leith Walk or Premier Inn has 4 or 5 central locations. I’ve stayed in the Jury’s Inn just around the corner from Waverley and that’s ideal too? 
  • Hi

    Agree with GPH1984, i’d recommend staying centrally in Edinburgh. It’ll be easy to walk to the start and at the end take one of the many buses back from the finish.

    Previously I’ve stayed at old town chambers which are serviced apartments by the train station convenient location, space to stretch and able to bring your own food.

    Enjoy the race
  • hi , looking for a slot to edinburgh marathon 2019 . anyone ?
  • Krispel I have a place available if your still looking for one.
  • Nice post
  • If anyone is looking for a place in the EMF let me know! I am injured and can no longer take part and would be willing to sell!
  • MazboMazbo ✭✭
    @canal_runner_1993 is your space still available?
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