Fell running trainers advice please..

can anyone recommend the perfect pair of trainers fir me run? It covers multi terrain. Some gravel path, moors, muddy hill, a couple of miles of road and a couple of miles of fell path. I find my road trainers work well on the fell path but my Solomon soeedcross trainers are very slippery on the fell path in wet weather making it hard work. I like a bit of cushioning for the road and I’m getting older so I need to be kind to my joints. Any recommendations much appreciated! 


  • ToldoToldo ✭✭
    Hi Clb, I invested in a pair of Hoka speedgoats . Got them half price. The newer version are apparently more roomy in the toe box so a better fit. The look big but I sized up a .5 and recently did 28 miles across varied terrain with them.
  • K L 11K L 11 ✭✭✭
    I do almost all my runs in my normal Nike Pegasus, because even my trail runs have asphalt at some point. I have some trail running shoes, but rarely use them because they just feel wrong somehow when i get back on road.
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