Shorts - 2-in-1, with zipped pockets - Recommendations Please

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Looking for a pair of shorts to run my marathon in - I prefer 2-in-1, not necessary the lycra inner type, mesh inner is fine, so i can run commando. 

Shorts must also have side zipped pockets, so i can carry gels.

Is there such a thing?

Pockets are a must, thus if I have to compromise i will wear base layer shorts underneath. 

Any recommendations much appreciated. Thank you


  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    I've been using TCA shorts as I also need 2 zip side pockets and they are really hard to find,the ones I got are just the shorts,so use a base layer.If I remember they were about £17.
  • Thanks Ian, just seen them on Amazon and have fantastic reviews. I got some Under Armour base shorts recently in a sale which would work well. Will certainly consider these, thank you 
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Just had a quick look on their site and there's a few different shorts now,I use the elite tech and they definitely have 2 side zip,some of the others I can't quite see in the pics if they have side zips,just says zip in the description.If you see any other good ones post them here as I know it's a problem lots have.
  • Hey Ian, just looked on the TCA site and they have endurance 2-in-1 shorts with 2 x zipped pockets at £23 - no reviews, so searched for them on Amazon, and they sell them there for only £11.99 - not sure if this is a pricing error, but that's the price they're selling them at.

    For a spring marathon i'm looking for something shorter, otherwise they would have been worth a punt - will keep looking.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Thanks for the heads up,just ordered 2 pairs
  • Glad to have helped. :)
  • Decathlon doe a pair of shorts called warm weather or hot weather shorts. They have a zip pocket at the back and a pouch plus a zip inner on the front. Quite light and have a mesh inner to hold your bits. Only 15 quid to. I have several and love them. Front pocket is great for holding phone so you can slip it out, snap a pic and stuff it back in without issues.
  • Mmm had a look and can't see them on their website anymore.
  • Cheers Red,

    I had a look at the Decathlon site and found these - ticks all the boxes and have my size available in my local store, so will go and try a pair on in the week. 

  • North Face zip off walking trousers for me, with a normal belt. The zip pocket is tight to you so your phone or whatever won't slap your thigh. Back pocket for energy gels or glasses when they inevitably steam up. 
  • I had another look. These are similar to the ones I bought but it looks like they changed them to baggy style. Maybe they will so the shorty ones again in summer.
  • I actually ended up ordering a pair of New Balance Accelerator shorts, as had a good deal, no zipped pockets but the 2 front pockets are deep, and the material is the lightest i've known. Trailed them with 2 x sis gels in each front pocket, and after a short while didn't even notice they were there (no, they hadn't fallen out). Best shorts i've owned - only thing size guide is a bit generous, ordered large and exchanged to medium - i'm a 34/36" waist. 
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