Forgotten how to run.

A few years back, when bare-foot and minimal adopters scoffed at us mud-bloods and our cushioned soled witchcraft. When running shoe manufacturers embraced new minimalist product lines, followed by advice from running shop enthusiasts steering towards this more efficient way of running... I was advised towards a more fore-foot style of running, and despite my feet and calves saying no, my information overload ego said yes.

After some time off and some grey hairs later, and enduring the phd application process of buying new running shoes from self proclaimed running experts (a guy with a treadmill), I began running again!

After trying Hokas, Brooks, On, Inov8 etc.. etc.. with varying concepts and shoe drops available and my history of adapting to different a running style, I'm struggling to know/feel what my natural style of running is!

This may seem crazy to most or all, however, any advice on how to re-gain one's natural running style, other than being chased by a predetory animal.



  • YnnecYnnec ✭✭✭
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    any advice on how to re-gain one's natural running style
    Just find a pair of trainers that feel comfortable and go for a run in them. Whatever it is you've forgotten will be in your subconscious and kick in quick-sharpish when needed.
  • I went through the same phase of minimalist style running for 10 years but went back to a more mainstream type of road shoe after a lengthy knee injury. No idea how I ran before that but I just went out and ran. Just give it time and as you improve and gain confidence you'll fall into a 'natural' style for those type of shoes. 

    I see it as learning a new style of running but still avoiding heel striking. Happy running!  
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