Left foot problems when running

Hi guys, I took up running recently and within the last few months this weird thing has been happening where about 1k into my run I start to lose some of the feeling in my left foot. It's only ever the left foot, and it makes it harder for me to actually lift my foot from the ankle every step I take. I've done some googling and it sounds kind of like foot drop, so I've been out and bought new shoes at a proper running shop with better cushioning and have tried lacing the shoes differently to give more room and ensure I've not trapped any nerves but it's still causing a problem. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to fix this?


  • Hi, I would seek out a physiotherapist to be honest. Foot drop points towards deep peroneal nerve towards the front portion of your leg (think just next to your shin bone), but could be nerve compression anywhere from your lower back and down the sciatic nerve etc. Also you will want to rule out any other nerve / muscular conditions to be on the safe side.
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