Shin Problems - Advice needed


I woke up in shin agony 5 months ago - no warnings or tightness but it felt like I'd been kicked hard in the shins overnight. I had been careful and increased mileage gradually but I had done a few speed and hill sessions which I think must have caused it.

Anyway, having had shin splints before I took 4 weeks off running, iced, rubbed, stretched etc. Started running again and all was well for about 6 weeks then they started to hurt again. So I took longer off running - 7 weeks. In that time I had an X- Ray (nothing to be seen), saw physio and had lots of sports massage.

Started running again last week - just a few miles very slow and thought everything was fine. However, shin is hurting again and is constantly tingling. I'm gutted and can't understand why they are not getting better.

Any advice on what I should do next - I've tried rest, lots of rubbing, stretching, physio, X-Ray. Now sure what to do now.
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