Great North Run

I'm 3 stone over weight and haven't run for a few years, but have decided I need to get out there and start running again to lose weight and get the running high again.  The first "run" yesterday was the hardest I've ever done.  Starting with run walk as I can remember the pitfalls of trying to run too far or too fast too soon.  Even trying run 1 walk 90s meant having to take extended walk breaks beyond the schedule but I was trying to keep HR down, as I want to complete the GRN, not sit at home and watch it again.

I know its going to be a long road, but will it be possible to run the whole 13.1 miles in 20 weeks starting from nothing, or should I accept that I'm going to have to do a run walk through the whole race?


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    Hi Preston Plodder - I think 20 weeks should give you plenty of time to build up the endurance to be able to run the half. It really is all down to the training and, as you've identified, doing heart rate zone training is an excellent way to ensure you're able to get through the training without picking up annoying injuries.

    The trick is to give yourself a realistic target in terms of the pace you feel you can maintain for the whole run. What would be the time you would hope to complete it in?

    The normal training period for a half is 12 weeks, so with an additional 8 weeks you can work on building up that base endurance before then starting on the more specific training. Is there a running group near you? Some groups have different pace sections depending on particular finishing times and will then ensure the long slow runs are kept to that required pace. I find it's better doing these sessions as part of a group as it's a) far more sociable and b) I don't have to worry about pace, someone else is doing that for me.

    Good luck.
  • How did you get on, did you manage it? Just got in to this year's one, currently doing 5k runs due to calf issues which i am going to Physio for. Once, i can resolve that then the training can begin in earnest.
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