best pacing for 2-day challenge

I'm doing Race To The King In June. 23 miles day 1 and 30 day 2.

Is it best to run day 1 fast (within reason) in order to finish sooner, which will give you a longer recovery period before day 2, OR take it easy day 1 so you leave as much energy as possible for day 2?


  • OnTheBeachOnTheBeach ✭✭✭
    I'm planning on taking day 1 very easy, especially as it's the lesser of the two in terms of mileage @ 23 miles.
    Hopefully I'll then be in the best shape possible to tackle my longest run to date, the 30 odd miles of day 2.
    Fortunately I live near the stop over area so I'll be heading home between to get some quality recovery.
  • Thanks OnThe Beach.
    How's training going?
  • OnTheBeachOnTheBeach ✭✭✭
    (Touch wood) Not bad at all thank you.
    I started properly back in December and I have found that having the extra time has allowed me to take more time getting up to distance and it has given me more flexibility to balance the social side of life. 
    I was hoping to be doing back to back weekend long runs, but life keeps getting in the way. So I have pretty much stuck my standard marathon plan with one long run a weekend.

    As we are now getting closer and I am happy with my overall long run distance and weekly mileage, i've swapped one evening of running for strength work down the gym. Focusing on legs, core and back strength. Because one thing I have found on my long trail runs is my upper body becomes very heavy towards the end, feel I need extra strength to hold me upright.

    I have also added cycling to and from work at least once a week to ensure my legs don't get too long to recover.
    From what I read, training on tired legs is a key to ultra's and back to back marathons.

    I've also booked a trail marathon in a  couple of weeks time, i'll use this as a practice run. Make sure i'm happy with my kits and nutrition etc. I've just got to be strict and not try and race it...!

    This is my first Ultra so it's all new at this point.

    How about yourself? 
  • Sounds like you've taken a really good approach to your training. I've done a few back-to-backs now -last week being an 11 followed by a 16. That was tough, I have to say.

    I've actually done 48 miles in the last 6 days and now going on a walking holiday for 8 days, which I think will really help as I'm pretty surer there will be a lot of walking too!

    After that I have two more back-to-backs planned 14/16 and 16/18...but it fills me with dread because I know the second days are not going to be pretty.
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