Intervals again - gosh! They are hard!

What are your experiences with ramping up training intensities after long periods away?  I'm a 52 yr old competitive runner and am finding it hard to get back, at least to where I was.....

My last race was last May, and since then have had issues such as broken toe and surgery on my oesophagus (for Achalasia), so have taken time off etc etc.  Returning to running was hard work, and I have just been 'general running' to build some base for around 3 months.  3 weeks ago, added some weekly tempo runs (3-4km) incorporated into 10K steady runs, and also some fartlek to push myself a bit.  Found out speed is not my friend!

Today I decided to try 4x800m after a 3km warm up.  Gosh!  It was hard!  And to think I used to do stuff like 10x1k reps, 6xmile reps etc.  I had to rest a bit on THREE of the 800m reps!!!   I suppose I shall just have to persevere.  Plan to try this session again next week until I can complete it, then increase the reps.  Is that the way to do this?

Oh, and it's getting rather hot and humid here in HK (today was 85% humidity at 29 degrees).  Next race is actually an Autumn hilly HM in the UK, in the town I grew up, Harrow.  Actually looking forward to this, but do want to feel good, rather than struggle through!


  • JGavJGav ✭✭✭
    You need to run the intervals at the pace you can just about complete all of them.  You're probably remembering that you could run faster - however that was a year ago.  
  • HK Pink LadyHK Pink Lady ✭✭✭
    Right - need to adjust.  How do I calculate the pace, or should I just run by feel???  

  • JGavJGav ✭✭✭
    Right - need to adjust.  How do I calculate the pace, or should I just run by feel???  

    Run by feel (RPE) as you're getting back into it.
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