Weekly training schedule.

Here's my weekly training schedule, my aim is to steadily increase the distance but also keep my lifts improving. I know I may have to prioritise one over the other eventually, ideally I would throw another lifting session but other commitments don't allow.

Mon - Upper strength training. 
Tues - Running moderate pace 5m
Wed - Lower strength training
Thurs - Running easy 4-5m
Fri - Rest
Sat - Running long 10k+
Sun - Running easy 3-4m
I know it's person dependent on whether it's too much or not but anyone else have a similar schedule or have any advice that can help me get the squeeze the most out of a weeks training


  • McFloozeMcFlooze ✭✭✭
    You could do with some speedwork in there. Maybe alternate weeks of tempo runs with weeks of hills or intervals or a fast parkrun. If you did your tempo run first and then did a lifting session the same day that would work. 
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