Paleo and near barefoot wants to improve...

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Yes forum followers...nuts!

For a number of years I've been mostly beige carbs. Healthy fats etc.
Had awful car accident  afew years ago and had labrum year in hip. Had hip arthroscopy. I adapted from cushioned From heel strike to mid/front foot vibram five fingers to ease pressure off op due to residual pain post run more naturally
..from op to first marathon in 10 months
Since then never take gels, sweets,energy drinks, bagels, pasta etc etc 

So only run mainly HM on a banana and water. Age...old...about to hit 50 this year.

Worry my times are a bit static
Best 1.50.....worst would be 2 hours

Any one have any good tips on improving times .and improved fuellong...whilst remembering I fuel my runs on fat adaptation

My training plan this year sucks

Thanks thanks thanks Tim


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    Without knowing anything about your training plan (other than it sucks) and running history it's hard to make any recommendations. Don't get caught up on the little things, like race fuelling, at the expense of the biggest part of the equation, your training. 

    I don't think that fat burning is ever going to compete with carbs in a half marathon. The rate at which you can burn carbs is far higher than you'll ever be able to burn fat. So you might get some improvement from eating some carbs before a race. I don't think increasing your fat burning rate is really much of a benefit for running a marathon or shorter but I imagine it would be a big benefit for ultras (not that I'd know, having never done one).

    For a half marathon I eat a normal dinner the night before, then race day don't eat breakfast or take any gels.
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