Have I bought the wrong shoes??

Hi! looking for some advice :)

So, I a 29 year old female and have been a regular gym goer for the last year with the intention of losing weight - lost 70lbs so far, doing a mix of cardio and weights training. I always did my cardio on the cross trainer because frankly running has always been something I have been terrible at and it always gave me anxiety. (I have asthma and a heart condition and that has held me back in the past and I always just steered clear of running). Recently though I have been feeling in better shape and wanted to start working on running.

I try and run 5k twice a week (takes me about 38 minutes as I am not yet able to run the whole thing without slowing to a walk every few minutes and I am not very fast just yet) but I generally do at least 25 minutes of running 5 days a week. (always on a treadmill). I was wearing Adidas Women's Duramo Lite 2.0 running shoes and I liked them a lot but found the back wore away very quickly and I was getting really bad blisters on my heel (blisters inside blisters.... it was a nightmare!) - particularly on my right foot and it was getting out of hand.

After this happened with 2 pairs of shoes I decided to invest in some more expensive running shoes and went in to RunnersNeed to have them assess my gait etc. They filmed me running and told me that my right foot was neutral, but that my left foot was rolling in and could use some stability. They suggest a pair of Brooks Adredline GTS19 shoes which they said would provide stability for the left but not overcorrect on the right.

I bought them on a Friday and ran with them the following Monday. No blisters (yay!) however after the first run I experienced quite bad knee pain with my left knee as well as pain in both shins (though worse on the left). I assumed it was just a case of getting used to them and continued to run Tuesday-Friday that week. I gym and run in the morning and then walk 4 miles home from work and by half way through on the evening walk I was finding it so bad that I had to get the bus the rest of the way. I kept persevering and it just didn't seem to get better.

I've now had a full 7 days that I have not been to the gym or been running and have still been wearing the shoes to walk around but not done any particularly long walks. The knee pain is finally nearly gone and my shins aren't too bad, but I am worried it's all going to come right back as soon as I try and run again.

Have I just spent £120 on the wrong shoes? Is it just an adjustment thing that will go away if I keep going? Am I at risk of injuring my knee if I continue?

Really hoping I haven't splashed out on the wrong shoes.... had to save up to get them and won't be able to afford to replace them any time soon...

appreciate any advice or guidance here!!


  • YnnecYnnec ✭✭✭
    If i was you I'd box up the Adrenaline's and flog em on ebay. 

    Comfort is key. Go back to a store that has a treadmill and try on a variety of cheaper neutral trainers. The ones that feel right are probably the ones for you.

    Other's will disagree but that's my two-penneth.

    All the best.
  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    Totally agree with Ynnec, try an independent running shop, no idea where you are but Humber Runner is ace (and I have no association with them except to buy my trainers there). Also have you tried compeed plasters, they work for me! 
  • the problem is that the shoes themselves feel GREAT - most comfortable trainers I have ever had, and when I am actually running they feel great, it's just after that the pain occurs....

    I love Compeed blister plasters - they are total saviours! only problem was that I was going through a pack a week and that just isn't feasible in the long run.....
  • Don't know what RunnersNeed's returns policy is but it might be worth going back and see if they will exchange your GTS for a milder shoe - perhaps Ravenna or Ghost if you found the Brooks comfortable.
  • I am totally agree with you that you purchase a wrong shoe for running. You should change it and buy a new Top Brand running shoes.
    Dave Alce
    Marketing Manager
  • > @TT said:
    > Totally agree with Ynnec, try an independent running shop, no idea where you are but Humber Runner is ace (and I have no association with them except to buy my trainers there). Also have you tried compeed plasters, they work for me! 

    Hi TT, didn’t know about this place will check them out when all the madness is over, need some new runners!!
  • I have a quick question, can anyone advise whether i should get a wide fit or standard fit running shoe, i have measured my feet and they just meet the wide measurment on the chart. Obviously its also for wider measurments so im unsure if it would be too wide for my foot.

  • I know this is an old post - but if anyone else is also reading, then I'd also pay attention to the heel/toe drop. I've found that if this is too high I get shin pain when usually I won't. 
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