Problems connecting bluetooth headphones in busy locations

Hi all,
I ran the Bath half marathon this year and had problems connecting my bluetooth headphones - both at the starting line and all around the race. They simply wouldn't connect and it completely threw me off! At the time, I assumed it was because of the large number of people at the starting line.
I'm running the New York marathon in November and although I would love to use bluetooth headphones (I hate running with a wire now), I'm just too worried about them not working.
Does anyone else have experience in this? I've tried searching everywhere, but haven't found any answers. Is there any way to ensure a bluetooth connection (i.e. investing in better quality headphones - the ones I was using in Bath were Mpow Cheetah so only about £20)?
Any answers or thoughts are greatly appreciated!


  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    Do without? Might be a nice change to actually be sociable, chat to other runners, engage with the crowds hear what the marshals say, fully immerse yourself in the experience?

    Just a thought, feel free to ignore the above.
  • GipfelGipfel ✭✭✭
    Not heard of this (busy location) being a problem with Bluetooth connections, although I don't personally use my earphones for races. I've also had a couple of pairs of Mpows and didn't have connection problems with them, though both pairs did end up randomly breaking after a while - one wouldn't charge and the other wouldn't turn on - so maybe it was just a reliability issue with that particular pair. As you say, they're very cheap, and I think they do get a bit hammered if you use them for running (I used mine at the gym and am pretty sure that the sweat killed them!).

    Perhaps consider splashing out on a pair of bone-conducting earphones for New York - that way, you'll get the benefit of earphones but also the benefit of the full race experience as senidM mentions above, which I'd imagine would be pretty special in New York. I can personally recommend the Trekz Titanium, which you can usually get for around £80 with discounts - I specifically bought them for long marathon training runs, for which they've been used many times now (including in the rain) and have never had any issues with them. 
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