Combining running with cycling

kennokenno ✭✭✭
This might have been asked many times before, but I haven’t found an answer. Right now I just ride a bike. I cycle over 100 miles a week and can comfortably ride 100 miles in a single ride. I did Etape du Tour last year. 

Before that I spent a couple of years running marathons running sub4 once. Before that I cycled in the summer and trained for a half in the winter - my PB being sub 1:45. 

I turned my my back on running a couple of years ago. Had done health issues and running just didn’t help. 

I’m really tempted to run another marathon next spring. The time isn’t massively important, just want it to be a positive experience. I found that while I was marathon training before I lost all my speed on the bike and it took a long time to get back. I want to ride the Etape again next year so would need to combine cycling and marathon training. Is this possible? I do t have hours and hours to train. I did my sub 4 on 3 runs a week and around 30 miles. I was supposed to cross train but rarely had the time. 

Could I do 1 long run each week? Or would I need to do more? Sub 4 again would be nice but sub 5 would be absolutely fine also. 

Any advice would be well received!


  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭
    Your background sounds quite similar to mine, at the beginning of this year I was just cycling and started to return to running around Feb/march time. Having been a runner before I found I was able to build up my mileage again quite quickly.
    Intention was to run 4 times a week and cycle on the off days but in reality Im mostly just running again now, pretty sure I will reduce running and do more cycling again after a Marathon at end of September, I do enjoy the combination of the two and feel it's better for me as age increases.
    Not sure about your specific question of just doing one long run a week, I'd want at least 2 midweek runs in addition for myself plus however much cycling you can squeeze in.
  • JGavJGav ✭✭✭
    Ask any triathlete, this is bread and butter.

    If you don't want to reduce cycling too much;

    Don't just do 1 long run a week, recipe for injury.  Early on in the plan, add in 3 shorter runs as you build distance.  As the plan progresses lengthen one to a longer run in the final build switch out the long rides for a long run.  The long rides will give you base fitness but you don't have developed the leg strength/resilience if you don't spend some time running slowly.  Also, if you're doing 'sessions' on the bike, there's no need to do speed sessions running.  Just add some faster leg turn overs 'strides' in your runs to stimulate leg speed.
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