Runner's trots

Hey everyone, new to the forum as need some advice.
Starting to really enjoy running again, happily running 10k+ most times. 
Only downside is......I always need to go to the
After literally 1k, I get the urge that I need to go to the toilet. This obviously disrupts my pace and makes it quite uncomfortable.
I'm 31 and healthy enough so I cant find any real reason why it's happening.
I tend to run first thing in the morning, so no breakfast or anything. I go to the toilet before I leave my house, then drive to where I run, go to the toilet again, but then very soon after start running, I get the urge to go again!

Just wondering if anyone has had this before, and even better, if someone has a foolproof way on how to sort it!!

Any feedback is welcome.
Thanks everyone in advance
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