Runner's trots

Hey everyone, new to the forum as need some advice.
Starting to really enjoy running again, happily running 10k+ most times. 
Only downside is......I always need to go to the
After literally 1k, I get the urge that I need to go to the toilet. This obviously disrupts my pace and makes it quite uncomfortable.
I'm 31 and healthy enough so I cant find any real reason why it's happening.
I tend to run first thing in the morning, so no breakfast or anything. I go to the toilet before I leave my house, then drive to where I run, go to the toilet again, but then very soon after start running, I get the urge to go again!

Just wondering if anyone has had this before, and even better, if someone has a foolproof way on how to sort it!!

Any feedback is welcome.
Thanks everyone in advance


  • Try playing around with your diet. Eat something spicy the night before and that might clear out your system when you go to the toilet in the morning. Or trying eating more/less fibre and see what works.

    p.s. you should eat at least a little carbohydrates a couple of hours before you run, otherwise you will be low on energy.
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