Regents Canal in winter - safety aspect.

My training's going well at the moment and i put this down to incorporating my long runs into my commute. I come in from Essex on the train, get off at Stratford, run through Olympic Village, Victoria Park, Regents Canal to Angel, drop down and then back on the canal up to Regents Park, down to Hyde Park, Green Park, St James Park and then to work on the Embankment.

It's a great run if i need to adjust mileage i just add more or less to the parks. I've only started doing this this summer and would ideally like to carry on through the winter but i have concerns about the safety on Regents Canal. Has anyone here run it in the winter?

I'm thinking about
a) Lighting (i could wear a head torch)
b) Getting mugged (i am 10 stone weakling)
c) Falling in the river
d) Bicycle traffic

Any thoughts?


  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    I work in Canary Wharf and regularly run Regents Canal/LimeHouse/Olympic Park/Viccy Park
    Generally this is during daylight hours - but have run it pre work/post work before.
    I'm out in Hampshire so run in the opposite way (from Waterloo) which generally has widder paths but similar issues from Wapping via Shadwell.
    Lighting is usually OK, if not along the canal itself there is enough peripheral lights.
    No more chance of getting mugged than anywhere else I'd say (possibly less as it's an open space)
    Unless it's very icy or you can't follow a straight line, you're unlikely to fall in and with bikes, I suggest they will be less of a problem in winter with fewer people cycling.
    Don't wear headphones so you know what's around you.

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