App for same route compete with self

Smartphone GPS apps really don't make it easy to look up on a website what particular features they have without downloading the app, setting up an account, maybe even paying for it or a subscription. Having wasted hours on just a couple of apps only to find out they don't really do what I want, I thought it might be quicker and easier to get a recommendation here!

I run the same few routes over and over, and want a GPS enabled app to tell me how I'm doing along that route, at points I choose, compared with my best times, so that I can push or moderate my running.

So for example, I run it once, then on the map tell the app that when I get to point A (the monument) that I want an update like "5 minutes, 3 seconds. This is 10 seconds better than your personal best" or something.

I guess I'm thinking of this as being a bit like the "ghost car" that you get in car racing games on the playstation and xbox.

Is there anything out there that will track my runs and give me that sort of feedback.

It needs to be GPS based as I'm a beginner, and the routes are fairly hilly, so it's not like running on the flat, the inclines and slopes make a huge difference to me! Running on one route will create very different times/splits to running on another!




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