Nike Run Club, Music, Heart rate, should I get a watch? New runner questions

<p>Newbie runner gear question: </p><p>Hi all, I finally figured out how to post, hopefully this is the right place. I started runnning the couch to 5k app but didn’t feel challenged so changed to the Nike run club beginner coach plan.</p><p>I currently run with my iPhone in much hand and the Nike run club app. I want to continue to listen to my music which I bought from iTunes (stored on phone, not Apple Music or spotify) and get my heart rate - which I am not getting right now just holding my phone. How do I do this? Buy an Apple Watch? Is there another way to work with the Nike app? Do I still have to carry my phone - I would love to not have to take my phone if possible - can I just use watch and Bluetooth headphones? Any suggestions really appreciated as not too sure where to go from here. Thank you </p>


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