Winter Trainers

Hi Guys - I have run all Summer in old school Nike Pegasus, comfy and enjoy my runs. Last winter I had a lot of issues slipping (In a pair of New Balance) I run on and off-road, not hills as such more grass and mud combined with road. I invested in a pair of Salomon Speedcross, this solved the slipping, and stopped my feet getting soaked... however i cant get on with them! really narrow fit, too sturdy, and not enjoying my runs because of them, becomes painful to run in, but gutted as they aren't cheap!. I really like the look of the On-Cloud trainers but cant justify the price, especially as they aren't great for winter running. Just after any advice or feedback or any recommendations?


  • Hi - I use sealskinz socks. They are waterproof and you can, therefore, run in any trainers on a rainy day and still keep your feet dry.
    Salomon GTX trainers are very good in my experience. You can try 1/2 size larger than your usual + thick socks combo. The cheaper Salomon models tend to “unglue” the soles after a while which I fix with a hefty portion of a glue.
  • This was going to be my question too, but have also purchased the waterproof socks.. will see how I get on! I didn't want to give up the cloudflow shoes.
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