Does anyone still run with knee issues?

I have a dodge knee. On going issues since childhood. As per my previous post, recent treadmill runs and it has flared again. <div>
</div><div>I’ve had physio in the past, I think they don’t track properly clicky, feel tight and don’t like being bent for long periods and sometimes feel tight so have to keep bending them until they click.

i love running - not good at it but have caught the bug. Does anyone else continue to run with knee issues?</div>


  • Hi Naomi - I've had 5 Knee operations - Football injury followed by 2 follow up to remove meniscus.

    My knee is in a bad way for someone in their mid 30's - I can no longer compete, train at my normal speed or with my former club.

    But I do manage a slow 5 to 8 k run once a week to keep myself sane, granted I have to use my knee cryo cuff for a few days after but its worth it.

    I've developed a running style where most the impact goes through my healthy leg only - basically my injured leg lands on the ground and does not push off at all. It's not ideal by any means but hopefully I can keep on going for a few more years yet, albeit at 25/26 minutes 5k pace when my previous PB pre injury back in 2014 was 18:30.

    It's probably not worth doing this for serious mileage as your going to risk your healthy hip/knee flaring up with the increased load - but in short you can run with knee issues - just be sensible and stop when u get pain

  • Hi Xink,

    Thanks for taking the time to reply.

    Ouch 5 knee ops, but so great you have kept on running, albeit 5-10k. <div>
    </div><div>25/26 mins is very respectable.

    I’ve been resting it but it’s been depressing the thought of maybe having to give it up. Cycling hurts it too and To be honest just can’t get exciting about cycling, it just  doesn’t give the same buzz. </div><div>
    </div><div>Really glad you’ve kept at it, despite having challenges - amazing! </div>
  • Hi Naomi

    I too have a dodgy knee, from too many high impact sports and injury in my 20s and 30s and, if you had asked me 2 years ago (I’m 50 years old now) I would have said I was not a runner. Max for me then was 5km, in around 25 mins if i really pushed myself.

    But, one day I decided to buy some decent trainers, not just any ones i liked the look of, and that gave me confidence to try 10km. I did it ok. After that it was 20km, and, to cut a long story short before I knew it it was 42km, then 50km, then 40miles ultra, and now this year I’ve done 5 ultras culminating in my longest so far of 105km Peak District Ultra Challenge a few weeks ago (20 hours 50 mins or very hilly terrain).
    I’m now set for UTMB Oman in November which is 130km. Bring it on!!!

    I tell you this because I think there is a lot of fear about running that can put people with injury off, but, I believe that if you build slowly your body will build compensatory tissue to support injured limbs. I also think that in my case, actually doing the ultras, not the fast pounding sprints, avoids too much impact on my knees, because with the ultras you have to think smart, listen to your body, and try to minimise strain on limbs and muscles, so that means you’re actually thinking about how to run with least impact and maximum protection.

    Additionally, I like the fact of having to carry supplies and hydration; i guess i like the added technicality.

    So, for me its not about the speed, but about endurance, and if you can build up, listen to your body, allow it to build some compensatory tissue, you may just - as I found myself - surprise yourself :-)

    Good luck to you; you can do more than you imagine.

  • HI Dave,

    That's a really encouraging post, big thank you. On reflection, my treadmill runs may have hurt my knees I was potentially running too quickly.

    105km !!!! with poor knees ... amazing. Well done. I appreciate the added complexity of adding in adequate supplies with hydration makes it a little bit more of a project :smiley: . Can I ask what trainers you have? I appreciate there's a gender difference :smile: but will look at the female equivalent.

    I know for me road runs aren't great, I guess the general impact but your theory and experience of endurance runs are interesting and as I said really, really encouraging.

    Thanks again for taking the time to post- it's definitely left me with some hope.

  • Nothing to me. Sometimes the body also needs rest like our knees so sometimes we feel sick because of over exercise and overworked.
    I am freelance organizer and Pop culture scholar...
  • I am new on the forum, and I can't seem to post. I need some help. I am about 68kg, run about 160km a month. I am running on an old Nike Lunarlon 5. I find if i run on shoes like Nike Air Max, and the newer Nike Zoom Fly 3, my knees hurt. these new shoes are cushioned then my old shoes. Is it possible that softer shoes can sometimes hurt the knee?
  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    I had a serious knee injury in April. NHS physio said no running till 2020. Saw a private physio, who was a sports person and dealt with many, many sports people especially triathletes. Was back running, with no pain, four weeks later. My advice, see a decent physio and do everything they say! 
  • TT that’s fantastic great news! There a
  • Oops that’s what you get for posting immediately after a run  :dizzy:

    Hi Ills I have cloudswift which seem to be suiting me pretty well at the moment.

     It’s a catch 22 with exercise Mary because I actually found complete rest caused knee pain to worsen (sitting at a desk all day was painful). Rest is definitely required though and sometimes very hard to do. 

    dpingram and Xincs post was helpful too. I’m finding faster hurts more so I think I’ve accepted I’ll be a cart horse and not a race horse. Running on roads and pavements is a killer though so they’re completely out ...
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