Problems with shoes lasting - recommendations appreciated

Hi All,

New to this forum, enthusiastic but very amateur runner here.

For the first time I invested in some half decent running shoes last October (previously just bought cheap and cheerful Karrimor £30 trail shoes from Sportsdirect) - bought some Hoka One One Challenger Trail Shoes (I tend to like trail shoes due to the extra tread and grip although run equally on trail and road). I couldn't believe the difference they made and my times seemed to improve a lot. I liked them so much I invested in a pair of Hoka Rincon shoes less than a month later which were also great on the road.

My issue is that the Challengers fabric on the side of the toe-box has worn and ripped, not just one side but all four. It's a real shame as I love these shoes, what's more the tread on the Rincon is wearing thin after barely any mileage (30/40km). I'm loathed to go back to the Karrimors but can't really justify £100 trainers every couple of months (running c120km a month).

Any suggestions for alternatives or other advice would be gratefully received, thanks.


  • HA77HA77 ✭✭✭
    Are the shoes too narrow for you? I had similar problems (side of shoes ripped at widest part of foot) with a pair of Hoka Claytons. Might be worthwhile trying some other brands. I now mostly run in cheap decathlon shoes that I usually pick up for £10. Tend to get around 500 miles out of them. See how your current shoes hold up, often a small tear in the side and the tread wearing a bit won't affect the performance.
  • Thanks - I did wonder if it might be the width that caused the tears, although they don't feel tight and I've not had this issue before. Ok, I'll see how long they last as they are - I've never got anything like 500 miles before so would happily take anything close to that. Could you suggest any other brands that are similar to Hoka or have the high levels of cushioning that Hoka offer, as I think this was one of the key things I really liked about them?
  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    Sounds as if the shoes might not be appropriate for your feet. You could try taking them back? Have you had a gait analysis done? If you can find an independent shop then they are usually very good at sorting out the right pair of trainers. You might pay a little extra but have the right pair of shoes. I don't manage 500 miles, normally about 300, trainers then relegated to being strength and conditioning trainers. 
  • Thanks, I've not had gait analysis for many years and reckon my running style has changed since then to much more of a forefoot runner. Yes, that sounds like a good idea, I will find a local shop who offer this service.
  • I've had similar problems with a pair of fitted Saucony's. There's a hole at the toe in each, a large hole to the side of where my little toe joins my foot on one and wear in same place on the other. The inner soles are drifting in both and I have to take them off and reset them every few miles. I've not done 150 miles in them yet. Is this acceptable? I question whether they are fit for purpose given how knackered they are now. I had a pair of salomon vario's for 700 miles and those only had a little wear on the tread and some loss of cushioning. 
  • Just out of interest where can one get a gait analysis done?
  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    Hi loonytuner, most independent running shops do them, and some physios. My local shop has on their website that they do gait analysis, and that it is better to book an appointment if you want one done. If you are anywhere near Hull then Andy at Humber Runner is great (and I have nothing to do with the shop except buy my kit there).
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