Glute activation. What does it feel like!?

Hello<div>I’m training for my first half marathon and I’d like to train and activate my glutes. Yes there are loads of YouTube videos - almost too many! But what works best for people to build up the glute muscles ?

Also, what does it actually feel like having an activated glute while running ??? I’ve read it’s like running with a credit card kept in between your butt cheeks but I can barely walk like that let alone run. Should they be “firing” all the time or only when one leg goes forward? Any help greatly appreciated. </div><div>CD</div><div>


  • Clench your butt cheeks and run. It feels strange at first but it becomes second nature after a while. Also, try squeezing your butt cheeks one at a time, left then right, while you are sitting down. That helped me too. I had constant calf pulls before I learnt to use my Glutes, but nothing since. Good luck
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