Chicago Marathon 2020

What is everyone's feelings whether this will happen or not? I literally booked my flights in February and accommodation so I am pretty gutted at the moment. Plus the fact I get married the week before it, even that is uncertain now. Pain in the arse it is what it is, Chicago will be number 4 on my list of Majors, Tokyo and Boston (if I ever get a place) to go!


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    Similar position in that i have NY booked November. Due to have had Berlin September. Trip all booked and paid for as well. i still feel hopeful re NY as it's 6 months away. 

    But who knows...
  • Frustrating isn't it, I am trying to be positive and hopeful. Worst case scenario the Airlines / hotel would offer a voucher for the following year
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    Yes and it's ruining my plans to get through all the majors in next few years!! Berlin my hotel is refundable so it's just the flight which I hope will be able to be transferred to next year.

    Hopefully US hotels etc will be accommodating.

  • Yes mine too, Chicago would have been my 4th, I had to miss last year (the Mrs banned me from Marathons as we were 1st time Mum and Dad) I am regretting that now especially if it gets cancelled. Berlin was good, and you could run that easy and be okay to do another Autumn Marathon next year if you wanted to catch up. Saying that when I did it I got my worst time as it was so bloody hot... I am not great in the heat!
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    I've only done London so far so getting Berlin and NY banked this year would have made a big diff. I had planned Boston 22 as it fell in the Easter hols so would have made a family holiday around NY, Toronto, Boston. Chicago I was thinking Oct 21 the Tokoyo for my 50th 2026 as Can justify the trip and kids will be older to leave with friends.

    Now, assuming NY got cancelled, it would push Chicago back. Berlin as you say is easy to slot in and not a big expensive trip. If I can just get NY out of this year i'll stay on track.

  • Looks like the USA won’t be letting us in anytime soon, so with the option to defer another year to 2022 or wait and see up to October 6th deadline! With a niggling ankle injury and the really high mileage to come it’s hard to k is what to do especially as this will be the 3rd time postponing!
  • Because of the pandemic virus, I had to give up my plan to participate in the marathon. Very regrettable. I haven't participated in any competitions for two years
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