Easy run pace or hr

I am working on a 10km training plan with a sub 50m target, using Macmillan I have my various pace settings, today though I found that my easy endurance run pace took my heart rate into tempo (based on strava and Garmin) should I set my workout plan to stay in a pace zone or heart rate zone?


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    Are you using a chest strap or a wrist-based monitor? The wrist based ones (like my Garmin) are fairly accurate at rest but much less so when you're running, so bear that in mind.
    If you go to the Shades thread in the Training forum, there are a few people doing HR training so you'll get some good advice there.
  • Thanks I’ll check that out. I use watch and strap my main concern was which should be the dominant criteria keeping the pace or heart rate just don’t want to do more harm than good if it is better use the HR as a guide for an easy run workout
  • 8 minute mile pace required to run sub 50 minute 10km.
    Running aerobic based miles at 9 to 10 minute mile pace.
    Tempo runs of 2 to 3 miles should be at 8 minute mile pace.
    Short intervals of quarter mile and half mile reps should be ran at a quick pace to build leg turnover.
    5 x mile @ 8 minute mile pace with 3 or 4 minute jog recoveries or 5km race in sub 24 mins would be a good indicator that sub 50 minutes for 10km is obtainable.
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