New to running - what progress should I expect??

Hello everyone, after returning to running after a considerable layoff i'm keen to get some advice/management of expectations!

I've been back at it for a few weeks now and am currently managing the following:

Sunday: 40 min steady (6min/km)
Monday: Weights
Tuesday: 60 min easy (7:00-7:30/km)
Weds: 40 mins with some tempo periods
Thursday: Weights
Friday: 75 mins easy (7:00-7:30/km)
Saturday: Off

I'm 42 years old and would love to be able to maintain 7:30 min miles for my longer runs, as my final goal. Just wondering how possible this is, and in what sort of timeframe. Also, does the above schedule look sensible? I'm keen to build my endurance but don't want to go much longer on my long run as want to maintain some decent upper body muscle/strength.

Also, I currently live in the middle east so am training in temps around 35-40 degrees, so not sure how much that affects pace....

Thanks in advance!


  • Hi, Im hoping some of you more experienced runners can give me some advice.<div>
    </div><div>I'm a fit and active person, keen climber and mountain biker, but I've recently taken up running and am experiencing soreness on the outside of my hip joint during a run. </div><div>
    </div><div>Ive started easy, comfortable pace, only about 25 mins at a time. Once a week so plenty of recovery time and stretch well after. </div><div>
    </div><div>I'm not overweight (5 ft 6ish, 60kg), I'm pretty strong for my size (barbell squat bodyweight comfortably, deadlift twice bodyweight), my hips and hamstrings arnt tight (I stretch 3 times a week after strength training, can put my hands flat to the floor with my legs straight and together and can just about get chest to floor in straddle position) but for some reason any more than 20mins running and the soreness starts outside of my left hip. </div><div>
    </div><div>I've been for a short run once a week for the last 4 weeks now and today it was still an issue. Its not a pain, I could definitely carry on through it if I wanted to but just feels like one of those niggles I shouldn't ignore.</div><div>
    </div><div>All of the advice I read online is to ease up on the training, rest the affected area etc but Ive not even started yet!</div><div>
    </div><div>Any advice appreciated!</div>
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