Running Shoe rotation - how many and what?

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I’ve been running seriously for about a year, and figure it’s time to think more carefully what shoes I’m rotating. I’ve currently got On Cloudflow and Nike Epic React Flyknit, and just rotate between them, but slightly prefer the Nike Epic Reacts. (I’ve also got some trial running shoes, but most of my running is on road/pavement).

What do I need in a good rotation? I’m thinking about all distances from 5km to marathon. I’m doing about 40km a week, 5km PB around 19 mins, 10km around 39 mins and half marathon around 1:26. Longest run is about 36km at 4:45min/km.

Is the following a good idea?
1) Long run/recovery shoes - lots of cushioning
2) Tempo shoe - lighter and less cushioning than long run shoes
3) Race shoe - should I have different race shoes for shorter/longer runs, with a bit more cushioning for the longer race shoes?
4) wet weather shoe - an all round shoe weather resistant I can wear when it’s wet out

Is this a good way to go? Also, any idea where my two current shoes fit into this? What am I missing? Thanks for any advice.


  • @dtl8 Sorry I can't answer your questions with specific know-how but I am in a similar boat.
    I have looked around and rotation along the lines you mention is "common" shall we say.

    Personally I'm running avg. distance 10 miles per run, 3/4 times per week on mixed terrain on Asics Gel Nimbus 22's and I'm looking to rotate too, to reduce injuries.

    My question is about wether it's ok to mix up "drops"... my guess is 10mm (Nimbus) to 8mm should be ok??? I'm thinking of mixing the Nimbus with Brooks Cascadia trail shoes for some off road fun.

    It seems there isn't very clear advice on rotation of shoes that I have found; just that it seems to be a good idea in general!
  • BenHBenH ✭✭
    Hey, this new brand Hylo is launching the world’s most sustainable running shoe - might be worth a look. I think it's built to be a 5-10k sort of thing. They’re doing a pre-launch campaign so giving out rewards like free pairs. ⚡
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