run/walk methord tips

runner27runner27 ✭✭✭
Just started back running. Using and prob sticking to the run/walk methord, cant run properlly any more.
Determined to do the 10K next.
Is there any tips on how i do the run/walk method and improve.
Started back today, did 2.5 miles.
i ran 1 mile walked 0.25miles.
i noticed that my time improved and no pain in hip after and recovered quicker, i have better forum and dont drag my feet.

How do i build up miles or time.
I get ankle pain do i need to increase my walk time.


  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    ive just started back from 2 months out and started with 4 x 3 mins 16 days ago. The longest continuous run I've  done so far is 15 minutes and haven't run consecutively days. I have built up today to 4 x 10 minutes off 1 min and tomorrow i have 20 mins consecutive. 

    I'd  say starting out  at 1 mile is way too much. You will however have aches and pains as running is traumatic for lower legs. Your body needs to adapt slowly to running again or you'll pick up another injury. 
  • Read up about Jeff Galloway and his run/ walk/ run method. There are also training plans on Disney (marathon) website for the various race distances which may help you. There is the Facebook page "girls that Jeff" - ladies only I'm afraid, with lots of info
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